Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Porsche is gone and our lives are changed for ever.

Miata racing2remission car.
Tucker aafter a hard day of treatment at the weekly Dallas trip to Childrens.
Tucker with the 911 just before diagnosis.
The last moment. At 37 years old I cried selfishly for an hour and I am learning from this daily.
God granted the gift of beautiful weather and timing for a blackberry to shoot this pic an hour before meeting the seller to load the car up.

Well July 26, 2011 our youngest son Tucker was diagnosed with ALL B Leukemia. I have had my dream car for a few months now and the day I finally got it road worthy and ready to spend time on the road he had a doctors appointment to review some blood work. That day changed our lives for ever. I decided to sell the Porsche after doctors said Tucker needs to stay out of high winds and dusty situations for some time until we get him well. The car had no ac so it was sold to a happy young person from Brownsville TX. I hope he doesn't screw it up. Fallow Tuckers journey on [ ] I used the funds from the 911 to get us a Spec Miata SCCA Club racing car. We are setting up a charity to raise awareness and money to help with childrens cancer. We are "" site comming soon.