Sunday, August 28, 2011

911S interior not much done here by me.

Strut bars in trunk.
Decent looking speaker tray. Some small cracks.

Low miles and a working clock! Wow.

Black ash tray under the JVC cd/MP3 is the A/C temp and fan controls.

Right side door. Sun light makes the colors from shot to shot change.

Nice headliner and sunroof works. No leaks. Recovered original visors. Still needs the clips.

Amazing my eight and five year old boys fit just fine.

Left door. The pockets and covers could use some detailing to be perfect.


911S Beauty shots and a few others.

Peeking in on those sweet sounding Webbers.

Looking in with tail removed.

No tail look. It must go back on.
Another picture of that big read fan. Watch those fingers.


I get chills and a silly grin from ear to ear when I see this.

911S work getting done

Tucker next to our new toy.

My home made tensioner install tool. Used after rebuilding both tensioners for the cam chains.

Good left side tensioner. Rebuilt while it was out with the right side.

Reverse lights not working? This is why.

Installed the ends on the wires and installed on the reverse light switch. Now off the get inspected.

Pic of the transaxle bracket and mounts before new ones going in.

Wiper stalk on right and turn signal on left.

This is the left one while I was trying to modify the springs so it will work again. It broke in the process so I sourced another one from a member on Pellican forums. Thanks!

Working on getting signal stalk wires routed and installed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tucker Salyer

Riley and Tucker

Riding the PW-50
Tuck and dad at a game.

"I am speed" New Lightning McQueen bike.

My uncle Steve, Me, Tucker, Riley and Pa Paw James.

Vintage Cat!

Hanging around.

Galveston ferry ride.

Playing in the leaves.

Tuesday I took my five year old son Tucker back to the doctor to redo a simple blood test. By eleven thirty the doctor called my wife and said get Tucker to Children's Hospital in Dallas before 4 pm. We packed not enough clothes etc... picked up Tucker and hauled butt. I safely exceeded the laws of I-20 traffic as far as I was concerned. We checked in by two something and got to his room by three. Before I knew it we were surrounded by six doctors looking at Tucker and listening to our answers their questions. We had a million questions also. After two days of testing Tucker had surgery to install a port to give his chemo and Iv's and also had a bone marrow sample taken and a spinal tap to check fluid and replaced that fluid with his first chemo treatment. He was diagnosed with ALL type Leukemia with precursor B. He starts actual day one of Chemo on Thursday about noon. He will have a six month run of intense meds. Month one will cause hair loss and maybe a bad temper. Month two - six they say are better this there are no set backs. During this first month we will have him at Children's in Dallas every Thursday for a half to full day of tests and treatment. He will be on daily treatment from home also. After the first six months Tucker will continue treatments for two and a half years. The doctors and staff here are great and expect a cure for him. I ask for all the prayers you can make. Also be thinking of his big brother Riley as these changes will effect his life also. He will not be sick but he will see a change. Shelly and I plan to incorporate Riley in Tuckers recovery as much as possible so he will feel as he is helping and keep our focus on family. Family is all that maters any way.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Porsche 911S Turbo Look

From what previous owner tells me this is the 1982 3.0L motor with Webber carbs using MSD ignition Mated to a 915- 5speed manual transaxle.

Painted calipers when waiting on tires.

more painted calipers.

I painted the center caps while waiting for the new tires to come in. The caps need to be replaced to be perfect as a fes are scratched pretty deep.

One of the wheels has had some polishing time spent on it. I will have to work hard on the others to get them close.

Decent anodized look for the Fake Fuches.

Drove it home slowly. Previous owner drove it too hard with the front and rear alignment and ride height out of spec. Add alignment and ride height adjustment to the list of theings to do.

This is the first day home after a good washing and a little detail. More detail and waxing later.

On my way to see a customer. I have seen this car at this place before but not for sale. I stopped to look at it and new I had to have it. It is not all correct but the body is put together well and ran good so a deal was made.

By looking closer the wheels apear to be ARE (American Racing) about 16 X 8 at all four corners. Actual Fuches should be staggered 16 X 8 front 16 X 9 or 10 rear.

The interior is pretty nice. New headliner recovered seats are a little dirty but are comfortable. The door panels and carpets show some wear but they may can be cleaned up and detailed later.